Fee Schedule

Description Amount (GST exc.)
Monthly card fee $2.50
New card fee* One-off cost of $8 per new card issued (in addition to the standard monthly card fee)
Replacement card fee $0.00 per card
Express card delivery fee $10.00 per envelope
Description Amount (GST exc.)
Credit card processing fee MasterCard and Visa – 1.3% American Express – 2.1%
BPAY processing fee $0.90 per transaction
Late payment fee $60.00 administration fee plus a late payment fee of 4.1% of the overdue amount
Account suspension fee $60.00 + 1% of account balance per suspension
Over limit fee $60.00 plus 4.1% of over limit amount
Dishonoured payment fee $40.00 per instance
Debt collection referral fee $50.00 per instance
Reconciliation processing fee $25.00 per hour (minimum charge)
Description Amount (GST exc.)
Email statement fee $0.00 per statement
Paper statement fee $5.95 per statement
Quarterly Activity Report fee $12.73 per card per annum
Annual Activity Report fee $15.00 per card per annum
Statement retrieval fee $10.00 per statement
Voucher retrieval fee $10.00 per voucher
* Fee charged in month of issue for each new card issued after initial card order at time of opening a new account.

Effective: 15 Feb 2023